How it Works

How to Register

Play the video on the right hand side to see how easy it is to register for Carsharing!

How to Register Into a Group

View this tutorial if you need to register for the first time on the website through a workplace or other private group.

How to Join a Group

If you're already registered on the website as a public user but now need to join a private group, this tutorial will quickly show you how.

How to Add a Trip

Probably the most common activity after registration, this tutorial will show you how to add a trip to the website.

How to Send a Message

If you need to make contact with another member on the website, you can quickly send them a message from the map view of all the trips that have been registered.

How to Create a Group

Whether you're setting up a private group for your workplace or for your forthcoming wedding, this tutorial will show you the various steps involved.



You can download a carsharing poster and leaflet to assist you promoting your site.