Terms and Conditions

While Carsharing.ie is intended to be an entirely beneficial exercise, all participants should be aware of a number of general terms & conditions:

By participating and registering, you understand and agree to the general terms & conditions below:

  • For the purposes of this website, 'Carsharing' is the term used to denote sharing a journey(s) by car. Carsharers can be both seeking or offering lifts or both. Carsharing is also referred to as 'lift-sharing', 'car-pooling' or 'ride-sharing'.
  • Carsharing is strictly voluntary and you are under no obligation of any kind whatsoever to participate in this scheme.
  • Having decided to participate and having registered, Carsharing participants may cancel membership of the Carsharing site by logging in and choosing the 'Delete Account' option from your Profile area at any time.
  • All participating parties are entitled to decline the offer of a lift or to terminate a Carsharing arrangement for any reason without quibble, consequence or complaint from their colleagues and/or other Carsharing participants.
  • When it comes to sharing journeys, every member is responsible for their own personal safety. However we do recommend that you read some simple safety measures outlined on this website.
  • Good etiquette is required of all participants including polite and friendly behaviour and punctuality for agreed appointments.
  • All participants agree to inform their fellow participants as far in advance as possible of any cancellation of a lift, inability to provide or to attend for a lift, or any other interruption to the arrangements agreed between the participants.
  • Carsharing participants are advised to agree between them procedures for mutually acceptable waiting periods in the event of a participating colleague not showing up either to provide or to take a lift. Suggestions for such ground rules are outlined on this website
  • All participating drivers agree to provide lifts on a strictly not for profit basis (read more). If an insured person who is going to take part in a car sharing group has any doubt about their insurance cover, they should clarify same with their insurer.
  • On registration into the system, all participant details are stored securely in the database and only the details required to organise a Carshare are displayed on-line. Details provided are not used for any other purpose whatsoever. Read our Privacy Policy.
  • Private workplace car-sharing groups are not accessible, nor intended for access by, any member of the public outside of that group. Only employees from that group will have access to their car-sharing group. No participant is permitted for any reason whatsoever to use the carsharing system to offer or accept lifts on behalf of any individual other than their own self.
  • If you are part of a workplace group, your workplace cannot accept any liability whatsoever or howsoever arising, whether relating to persons or property, as a result of the operation of this scheme or its use by participants.
  • In so far as workplace group sites involve only fellow employees, the organisation's standard policies and procedures concerning any possibility of harassment, bullying or discrimination will apply and all participants agree that they must have due regard for same.
  • The National Transport Authority or their agents or assigns, cannot accept any liability whatsoever or howsoever arising, whether relating to persons or property, as a result of the operation of this scheme or its use by participants.
  • All rights reserved. The promoters reserve the right to alter, suspend, cancel indefinitely or to terminate any aspect of this initiative in whole or in part at any time and for any reasons deemed necessary.
  • The Carsharing.ie website, registration facilities and operating systems are provided and promoted by National Transport Authority on an entirely non commercial basis and no monetary or financial benefit accrues to the promoters
  • The Carsharing.ie website and their underlying concepts and content remain the copyright of National Transport Authority.

Questions, concerns or complaints should be sent to help@carsharing.ie.