We recommend you use public transport, walk or cycle where you can, but for journeys requiring the car, CarSharing is the way to go!

You can Carshare on any journey you make - getting to work, doing the weekly shop, taking the children to school, going to the match at the weekend, travelling to a festival or wedding.


  • Why Carshare?

    • Carsharing is also known as lift-sharing, car-pooling or ride-sharing. You can Carshare on any journey you make - getting to work, doing the weekly shop, taking the children to school, going to the match at the weekend, travelling to a festival or wedding, or any trip where you would normally drive alone.
    • Carsharing allows drivers to share journeys they would otherwise have driven alone, and gives passengers access to a lift for times when walking, cycling or public transport are not viable options. Note that carsharing.ie is not a car club (where drivers have access to car transport, without the need to own a car).
    • Saves you money - You will be sharing the costs of commuting, parking and tolls. For some journeys, you might also find that using public transport, walking or cycling are good options to reduce costs and get more active.
    • Reduces your carbon footprint - It's much more energy efficient than driving a car alone.
    • Reduces stress - Being a passenger in a car can be less stressful than driving every day.
    • Is more sociable - Carsharing can be a nice way of getting to know new people.
    • Reduces congestion - Using a car together means fewer single-occupant cars on the road.
  • How Does this Website Work?

    $ViewOurVideoTutorialsLink to find out more about how this website works

  • What happens if the Carshare isn't working out?

    If for any reason, the Carshare arrangement simply isn't working out, and either party wants to withdraw from the share, the Carsharing site offers sharers the facility to send a polite and informal notice to their Carsharing partner(s) advising them that the Carshare is no longer needed.

    All participants in Carsharing accept that it is ok to decline a lift or to conclude a Carsharing arrangement at any time.

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  • What happens if I am late arriving for my lift or cannot make the return trip in the evening?

    Every Carshare will be different, so it is up to the Carshare participants to discuss the best way of communicating with each other. Once a Carshare has been agreed, you can swap mobile phone numbers, and make email addresses of other people on the lift available to each other. Any delays or problems should be communicated as far in advance as possible to your Carsharing companions.

  • How does the insurance side of things work?

    The Irish Insurance Federation advises that car sharing will not affect a driver's insurance as long as:

    • The vehicle is not built or adapted to carry more than eight passengers excluding the drivers.
    • The passengers are not being carried as part of a business of carrying passengers.
    • Agreement is made prior to the journey commencing.
    • If an insured person who is going to take part in a car sharing group has any doubt about their insurance cover, they should clarify same with their insurer.

    With regards to passengers being covered:

    • Passenger cover for private cars is compulsory under the Road Traffic Acts. Once the policy is in order there is no problem.
  • How safe is the Carsharing website?

    • We do not ask you to enter your home address at any stage. You can select your location by picking a point on a Google Map. This does not have to be your exact home address - you are free to pick a point within a general area to give an approximate indication of your location.
    • All Carsharers' details are stored securely in the database and only the details required to organise a Carshare are displayed on-line. No details provided are used for any other purpose whatsoever and only the member's name, intended trip, gender and smoking preference can be seen by other members.
    • Your email remains private until you request or approve a request to Carshare; you also have the option of entering your phone number at that stage.
    • Carsharing is an entirely voluntary arrangement. If for any reason you do not wish to proceed with Carsharing following registration, you have total freedom of choice in this regard and this is accepted by all participants. A 'Cancel Membership' option is available at the bottom of your Profile - selecting this will permanently remove all your details from the database.
    • The server where this website is hosted is managed within a state of the art facility in one of Ireland's most reputable hosting providers. This facility is monitored on a 24/7 basis.
    • To enhance your experience of the Carsharing website, we have consciously decided not to use a security certificate to manage the transmission of data. This allows for significantly faster downloading of pages. Depending on browser configuration, some users may be presented with a security alert when they register or update their personal details. This is entirely normal and common on a wide range of other popular websites.
      It is our measured assessment that the impact of a security certificate on the speed of the website would reduce usability significantly. Based on the other points described in this FAQ item, the website has an inbuilt level of security that should overcome any concerns that you might have.
    • This initiative is accessible to the public. However, most private groups that are established on the website will restrict access to a specific group of people, by ensuring that users have a specific work-based email address or passcode prior to registration.
    • Carsharers enter into an agreement to carshare or to use this website entirely of their own volition and no liability will fall on either the employer, group administrators, agents associated with this website or the National Transport Authority. Users understand and agree that it is on this basis that they use Carsharing.ie or decide to carshare with another person.
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  • Safety Tips when Carsharing

    When it comes to sharing journeys, every member is responsible for their own personal safety. However we do recommend that you read some simple safety measures outlined below:

    • Arrange to meet for the first time in a public place.
    • Don't exchange home addresses with your travelling companion before you meet them.
    • Inform a friend or family member of who you will be travelling with, when and to where.
    • Show each other ID e.g. passports, student cards or driving licences - so you know you're travelling with the right person.
    • Trust your instincts, you are under no obligation to go ahead with any Carshare arrangement. If you have any doubts about your travelling companion, for any reason, then you don't have to travel with them.
    • Check that the person you are sharing with has all the legal driving documents, such as driving license, car insurance, NCT and car tax.
  • Social Tips - the Ground rules

    • Carsharing may not work out for you and it's ok to say that to your travelling companion- you don't have to commit to Carshare forever. Agree that each of you can stop at any stage and it's not a personal thing.
    • Good etiquette is required of all participants including polite and friendly behaviour and punctuality to agreed appointments.
    • All participants agree to inform their fellow participants as far in advance as possible of any cancellation of a lift, inability to provide or to attend for a lift, or any other interruption to the arrangements agreed between the participants.
    • Set the groundrules of the arrangement at the start.
      • How long you will wait (5 mins, 7mins max)
      • Text each other 30 mins before to remind and confirm
      • Can you eat in the car?
      • Is the radio the driver's prerogative, or will you swap stations
      • How are fuel costs recorded and what day will you pay?
    • Agree you'll talk to each other honestly if there are any issues.
    • Small gestures like a birthday or Christmas card go a long way

    For more information about safety and security of personal information please read our Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy

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  • How do I cancel my membership?

    You can cancel your membership of the Carsharing site by logging in and choosing the 'Delete Account' option from your profile at any time.

  • Who can I go to with any further questions?

    If you have any problems, please email us on help@carsharing.ie. We will endeavour to help in any way that we can and do our best to get back to you within one working day.

  • Who runs Carsharing.ie

    • Carsharing is an initiative that the National Transport Authority is promoting, as part of the Smarter Travel Workplaces programme. Many large employers have signed up to promote more sustainable travel options as Partners of the Smarter Travel Workplaces programme.
    • Carsharing.ie is a scheme that enables people who have a similar commutes to share their journey instead of driving alone. Carsharing will not solve traffic problems single-handedly, but it has the potential to form part of the mix of more sustainable and efficient transport modes.
    • Whether you want to do all of the driving, to sit back and relax, or do a bit of both, the Carsharing site will identify potential Carsharing partners in your area, and allow you to contact them to arrange a Carshare set-up that suits you and your needs.
    • If you are seeking a lift but also own a car, consider offering to share the trips on a schedule that best suits both you and the other driver(s) by mutual agreement. You can work it out as you go along.
  • What are the terms and conditions?

    Please click here to read the Terms & Conditions of Carsharing.

  • What is the privacy statement?

    Please click here to read the Privacy Statement

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  • Are there any publicity materials to publicise my Carsharing.ie Group?

    You can download a carsharing poster and leaflet to publicise your group. A campus carsharing poster is also available.

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  • Where can I find out more about the Irish Rail / DART / Luas Park and Ride stations?

    You can find out more about the Luas stations here - http://www.luas.ie/park-and-ride/
    For information on Irish Rail stations (including DART), see http://www.irishrail.ie/travelandstation

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